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Pride Flag

After Season Clinic Winds
and Percussion

After Season Clinic Guard

Indy Pride Parade 2023 Participation

Juana Sandoval


"Thank you Elevate for

being my home, thank 

you for pushing me past what I thought I was capable of and making me not only a better performer, but a better person. Thank you for giving me a new set of people who are not just my closets friends, but family. Because of all of you, I have been changed for the better."

1st Year Member

Sam Mcvey


"So many emotions with

this season but something 

I think I will never forget and all I can say is how special my Elevate family has become to me. I wouldn't change that for anything."

1st Year Member

Darryel Amos


"This season was full of

undying support, love,

and memories. I will be forever grateful to Elevate for welcoming me into their family and never giving up on me."

1st Year Member


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