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Amy Cunningham


Amy Lynn Cunningham is from Northview High School: 5 years of Colorguard (2008 - 2012). After my junior year I went and marched 5 years (2011-2015) with the Santa Clara Vanguard. In 2015 I went and marched 1 year with the Pride of Cincinnati.


Amy went to Indiana State University for Physical Education- All Grade with a minor in dance. She graduated with my B.S. in 2017 and then that next school year went and got her Master in B.S in physical Education- coaching Colorguard in 2019!!


She now teaches at Middle School in Terre Haute, IN where she has started their first ever Colorguard training program for the area! She has taught with many programs including: North Clay Cadet Corp, Northview, Owen Valley! She is now the main weapon technician at Terre Haute South! She also taught the Smith & Walbridge Clinic at EIU for 3 years.


Amy, "Just a couple fun facts about myself are that I got introduced to Colorguard at the age of 6. I tried every sport and I have been dancing since I was 5 years old. I am adopted, and I also love animals, but mostly my little cat Figaro she is my life! I love working out with my trainers and I love teaching kids the importance of being healthy and active! I also love teaching kids and seeing their reaction when they finally get something, it’s just an amazing feeling! The one I always teach my kids is that you always have to Believe in Yourself no matter what! You have to Fight and work hard, and you do all that, you will start to see how talented you truly are! 'I am focused, persistent and will NEVER QUIT '."

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